Sascha has a great eye for contemporary images. I enjoy his visual interpretations of everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. If you are looking for something a little different, he is the photographer for you. Be prepared to be happily surprised by what he produces.

— Josie Boulding, Professional Photographer, Director of Surfer Girl Productions

I worked with Sascha a few times doing some photos and videos. He has an amazing eye for shots, and the best video shots I have are with him. The talent is there. I am pretty passionate and opinionated about what works and what doesn’t, and so is he, but the end result speaks for itself I think.

— Simon Garstin, World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Racer

Working with Sascha was simple and enjoyable. He involved us in the process, but provided helpful direction and ideas as well. Sascha is easy-going, but turns out high-quality, artistic and dynamic photos.

— Kate Morrison, Lawyer

Europe, South and Central America, Mexico, the U.S. and right here at home on Canada’s west coast this guy always seems to be where the action is. Great eye and timing plus personality.

— Paul Bailey, Photography Program Coordinator, North Island College

Sascha’s diverse photography experience (sport, travel, lifestyle) brings a unique experience that goes beyond traditional wedding photography. His strength lies in his ability to work with natural situations and produce photos that not only capture a particular moment, but have artistic merit in their own right.

— Stephen Albinati, Accountant